Day trip to Marken from Amsterdam

During the month I spent in Amsterdam, my favourite day was the cycle to Marken, a small ex-island about 20km east of Amsterdam.


Toyama and Kanazawa

Toyama and Kanazawa are a pair of sleepy seaside towns on the west coast of Japan, they are about 20 minutes apart and offer fantastic seafood. Take the train from Tokyo to Toyama (about 2.5 hours), hop out and go for a quick bite to eat. Sushi 'pancakes' are a local speciality here. Kanazawa has... Continue Reading →

How to Spend a Day in Pompeii

Pompeii is an ancient Roman town, famously smothered during the eruption of Vesuvius almost 2000 years ago, in 79 AD. Pompeii serves as a crystal clear window looking into ancient times; the lava from Vesuvius perfectly preserved the whole of the town which has since been excavated. It makes for a great day trip from Naples.

Skydive the Beach

If going for a tandem jump (where you're strapped in to the instructor) wasn't enough, Skydive Oz is the perfect place to learn to skydive solo. AFF (accelerated free fall) can be done in as little as a week from this beautiful beachside location.

Island of Ischia in 2 days

Ischia is a beautiful island off the coast of Naples which can be accessed with a short boat ride. It makes for a summer getaway if you've got a little more than just a weekend.

4 day Itinerary for Iceland

Iceland's location between the European and North American continents lends itself to being a great stopover when flying transatlantic. Icelandair, Wow and other carriers offer fares that stop in Iceland for several days, perfect for getting in a bonus trip.

Hiking Magome Pass

Magome Pass is the highest point of a lush day hike just a few hours outside of Tokyo. As a day trip, Magome is typically done from Nagoya. Starting from Tokyo, a lot of time is spent on smooth, air conditioned trains with breathtaking views of the Japanese countryside, thus this day trip is best for those who enjoy reading or writing.

Five Days in Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, a former USSR republic. It's a gorgeous and walkable city which is unfortunately often considered off the beaten path by tourists from North America or Australia.

Tateyama Alpine Route

The Alpine Route is a series of trains, buses and cable cars that take you over the misty, green Tateyama mountain range. As a day trip, Murodo has the most appropriate attractions with an outdoor hot spring surrounded by ice and a mountain hike.

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